7 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

Dark Honey Blonde Pixie Bob:

For those with round faces, a layered, side-parted pixie bob offers a flattering choice. This hairstyle employs an optical illusion to slim the face with a deep side part, avoiding uniformity in the cut.

Shag Haircut for Chubby Face:

Embrace the trendiness of a choppy shag, perfect for those with round faces. This hairstyle features razored layers that create movement and volume, diverting attention from chubby cheeks.

Short Angled Bob:

Don't shy away from a stylish and sexy bob if you have a round face. This short angled bob with long peek-a-boo bangs is designed to complement round face shapes.

Wavy Blunt Bob for a Round Face:

Create effortless chic with a wavy blunt bob, ideal for round faces. The messy lob shag features textured waves that add volume and movement to the hair, effectively elongating the face.

Medium Shag for Round Faces:

Transition from a traditional lob to a medium-length shag for a flattering look on round faces. The choppy layers and long bangs help to soften the face's contours and create a more balanced appearance.

Edgy Pixie Bob Transformation:

Revamp your hairstyle with an edgy pixie bob that complements full faces. This transformational haircut features asymmetrical styling, with long side bangs that help to balance out the upper part of the face.

Deep Side-Parted Lob:

Achieve a slimming effect with a deep side-parted lob, ideal for round face shapes. The length of the hair draws attention away from the rounded jawline, helping to lengthen the face and create a more elongated appearance.