8 European Cities That Are Perfect for Solo Travelers


Copenhagen's two-line metro connects the city and airport, and its broad bike lanes make it the world's best riding city. Rent a GPS-equipped City Bike for easy navigation.


The Champs-Élysées, Montmartre, and Louvre make Paris ideal for lone tourists. Stay at Shakespeare and Company bookshop by volunteering for a unique experience.


Stockholm's old center contains pedestrian-only paths, bridges, historical sites, and beautiful metro stations. Singles on free walking tours admire the city's minimal crime.


Solo tourists can explore Bruges' fairy-tale canals, stone bridges, and Market Square. Finding a pond with clean swans is a highlight.


The pleasant atmosphere and ancient buildings like Dublin Castle and St. Patrick's Cathedral greet visitors. A three-day Leap Card at the airport makes city transportation cheap and fast.


The International Film Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe are great places for solitary travelers to meet like-minded people while experiencing Edinburgh's culture.


Solo travelers can visit Schönbrunn Palace, cafes, and opera venues in Vienna, the City of Music. High quality of life and active design scene make the city charming.


Bergen is perfect for single travelers due to its shoreline, UNESCO Heritage wooden buildings, Mount Ulriken Cable Car, and Troldhaugen. Locals are nice and helpful with directions.