8 Most Dangerous Cities to Live in the US (Plus One State)

Once a textile town, now notorious for its high crime rates, making it unsafe for both residents and travelers.

Bessemer City

Known for Beale Street and the official house of blues, but overshadowed by its elevated levels of violent crimes including robbery, assault, and murder.


Despite its historical significance as the Gateway to the West, St. Louis faces safety challenges with a high risk of violent crime, with odds as low as 1 in 50.

St. Louis

Offers remarkable attractions but grapples with crime rates above the national average, particularly concerning murder-associated crimes.

Little Rock

Known as the Red Stick City, it faces issues with property crimes, urging visitors to avoid vulnerable areas and remain vigilant.

Baton Rouge

Renowned for its cultural scene but marred by gang violence, contributing to its high felony rate and safety concerns.


A tourist destination hosting the International Balloon Fiesta, yet plagued by common thefts, including vehicle thefts, warranting caution.


Considered one of the most dangerous cities due to its elevated crime rates, despite being a global city with multiple cultural attractions.