Fortnite patch notes for June 7 update: Nitro Fist changes and more

Epic Games rolled out a new Fortnite update on June 7, addressing player concerns regarding the balance of various in-game items, particularly focusing on the Nitro Fists and Boom Bolt.

Notable adjustments in the update included an increase in Nitro Splash stack size, providing players with infinite stamina, and enhancements to the damage of weapons like the Tactical Assault Rifle and Harbinger SMG.

The update also introduced nerfs to the Nitro Fists, reducing their punch and uppercut damage to structures, as well as air punch damage to both structures and players.

Furthermore, adjustments were made to the Grenade Launcher Turret and Machine Gun Turret, slightly reducing their damage output and fire rate, aiming to balance their impact on gameplay.

A bug that caused the Boom Bolt to deal higher damage to player-built structures than intended was fixed, ensuring consistency in gameplay mechanics.

The reduction in Nitro Fists' damage to structures complicates engagements with opponents, requiring players to adopt more strategic approaches during combat encounters.

Despite the damage reduction, the Boom Bolt's unlimited ammo remains a potential threat, prompting players to assess its continued effectiveness in gameplay scenarios.

The decrease in damage from the Grenade Launcher Turret and Machine Gun Turret contributes to a more balanced gameplay experience, preventing these items from dominating encounters excessively.