Summer Game Fest 2024: Everything Announced

Lego Horizon Adventures for PS5

The unveiling of Lego Horizon Adventures initiates a family-friendly Lego adventure featuring Aloy and robot dinosaurs, set to arrive on this holiday season.

Quidditch Champions Launch

Harry Potter enthusiasts can rejoice with the announcement of Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, promising immersive gameplay set within the wizarding world.

No More Room in Hell Early Access

Halloween brings the arrival of No More Room in Hell 2 in Early Access, offering intense first-person shooter zombie action with multiplayer co-op features 

Star Wars Outlaws Teaser

Ubisoft's Star Wars Outlaws teases players with a new open-world Star Wars adventure, promising an immersive experience as players navigate through iconic locations

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero Release

Dragon Ball fans can gear up for frenetic Super Saiyan gameplay with the release of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero

Batman: Arkham Shadow VR

Meta Quest 3-exclusive Batman: Arkham Shadow introduces players to VR Gotham City, offering an immersive experience with familiar characters and new threats.

Street Fighter 6 Updates

Capcom promises exciting updates for Street Fighter 6, including a Fatal Fury crossover and the introduction of classic characters

Blumhouse Games Unveils Horror Titles

Blumhouse ventures into the gaming industry with a variety of horror game projects, catering to different player preferences and promising thrilling experiences.