The Best 8 DIY Home Design Ideas

Layer Your Rugs

Create a luxurious feel underfoot by layering rugs, adding texture and warmth to your space. Consider complementing this with a linen canopy for added depth and coziness

Make Bookshelf a Gallery

Turn your bookshelf into a colorful gallery wall, adding personality and warmth to a room. Offset your books with artwork to create contrast and transform the space

Don't Forget the Floor

Inject a punch of colorful energy into neutral spaces by incorporating statement pieces like vibrant artwork or bright carpets. This adds personality and visual interest

Let Your Plants Shine

Highlight your green thumb by incorporating lush indoor plants and trees into your living space. Designer Elizabeth Cooper placed a citrus tree in a corner for an extra pop of life

Clear the Closet

Maximize storage and add personality by transforming a shallow closet into a stylish bar nook. Remove the doors, build cabinets and shelves into the walls

Find Spots for Flowers

Spread the beauty of flowers throughout your home by placing vases in different rooms. Invest in new vases for variety, or opt for low-maintenance plants for an effortless touch of greenery

Swap Out Art

Refresh your space by rotating artwork, whether it's tiny frames or a gallery wall. Experiment with new finds from flea markets or coffee table books to update the look and feel of your room

Add a Mirror

Create the illusion of space and light by incorporating mirrors into your decor. Place large mirrors strategically above mantels or on empty walls to make rooms feel bigger and brighter